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Solo leveling wiki : solo leveling sung jinwoo Webtoon, Webnovel !

Solo Leveling manhwa is a popular Korean web novel and webtoon series written by Chugong that tells the story of Sung Jinwoo, a weak Hunter who gains the power to level up infinitely and rise to become the strongest Hunter in existence only on fandom.ย 

Alright, so let’s talk about ๋‚˜ ํ˜ผ์ž๋งŒ ๋ ˆ๋ฒจ์—…. This webtoon sensation has taken the world by storm since it first debuted back in 2023. It’s a story about Jinwoo, who gets chosen as the player with a chance of a lifetime and a unique ability to grow in strength. Jinwoo was able to grow in strength without even breaking a sweat, thanks to his training with the system.

He quickly became known as theย strongest hunter, thanks to his ability to grow exponentially. With his sharp facial features and full strength even after suffering severe injuries, Jinwoo looks like a total badass. If you want to follow Jinwoo’s journey to becoming humanity’s greatest hunter, then this is the webtoon for you.

Introducing the World of Solo Leveling Wiki

Solo Leveling takes place in a world where certain humans awaken as Hunters, gaining supernatural abilities that allow them to battle deadly monsters and explore dangerous dungeons filled with valuable treasures and artifacts and ashborn.

Jinwoo is selected to enter a high-risk, high-reward double dungeon on Jeju Island, but is betrayed and left to die after a powerful monster horde overwhelms his party. On the brink of death, Jinwoo is given new powers from the mysterious System that allows him to gain experience, level up, and exponentially increase his strength like a game character are like thomas andre or antares.

Sung Jinwooโ€™s Journey

Solo Leveling Wiki- sung Jinwoo

Follow jinwoo’s journey – Follow Jinwoo’s epic journey as he leverages his unique leveling system to rise from being the weakest E-rank Hunter to the most powerful S-rank Hunter on Earth. He battles through increasingly dangerous dungeons, clashes with the horrifying Ant King, uncovers the existence of deadly Monarchs, and ultimately ascends to become the Shadow Sovereign – ๋‚˜ ํ˜ผ์ž๋งŒ ๋ ˆ๋ฒจ์—… is serialize.

Main Characters

Main Characters:- Solo Leveling  Wiki
  • Sung Jinwoo – The protagonist who is granted the power to level up endlessly after surviving the Jeju Island S-rank Gate dungeon. His growth into the strongest Hunter forms the core narrative.
  • Cha Hae-In – A skilled S-rank healer who sees Jinwoo’s potential and helps him hone his expanding abilities. She becomes a key ally.
  • Go Gun-Hee – The arrogant leader of a top Korean guild who looks down on Jinwoo at first, but comes to recognize his astonishing growth.
  • Sung Il-Hwan – Jinwoo’s caring father who does everything he can to support his son despite his own failing health.
  • Beru – A powerful ant soldier monster who becomes Jinwoo’s loyal shadow soldier after being defeated.

Exciting Action Scenes

Solo Leveling is packed with intense fight scenes as Jinwoo takes on increasingly formidable foes:

  • Jinwoo versus the giant Ice Bear monster
  • Clash with the Poison Dragon Ant King
  • Battling the evil Monarch Baran
  • Facing off against the Demon King
  • Becoming the Shadow Sovereign

With each battle, Jinwoo unlocks more staggering power, leading up to his final transcendence.

Building Toward the Thrilling Conclusion

As the web novel builds toward its climactic conclusion:

  • A war breaks out between humanity and the army of Monarchs
  • Jinwoo forms alliances with other Hunters to battle the Monarchs
  • The secret origin of Jinwoo’s powers is revealed
  • An earth-shattering battle versus the Demon King shakes the planet
  • Jinwoo ascends as the Shadow Monarch

The epic conclusion wraps up the story in dramatic fashion after 270 exhilarating chapters.

Will Solo Leveling Get an Anime Adaptation?

Solo Leveling has become immensely popular around the world, with some fans eagerly anticipating an anime adaptation. While not confirmed yet, there are promising signs:

  • In July 2022 the production company A-1 Pictures announced plans to adapt a popular Korean webtoon into an anime series
  • Solo Leveling perfectly fits their criteria as a hugely popular Korean webtoon with a massive built-in fanbase
  • An official trailer for Solo Leveling anime was “accidentally leaked” during Anime Expo 2022, hinting at a potential adaptation in the works

Although not yet officially greenlit, momentum seems to be building toward Solo Leveling finally getting an anime adaptation that fans have long waited for narrowly surviving an overwhelmingly powerful journey as he fights and discover the secrets.

Who are Monarchs in Solo Leveling?

In the world of Solo Leveling, Monarchs are ultra-powerful godlike beings who reign over different realms. There are a total of 10 Monarchs:

  • Frost Monarch
  • Iron Monarch
  • Beast Monarch
  • Angel Monarch
  • Demon Monarch
  • Ruler of White Flames
  • Shadow Monarch
  • Plague Monarch
  • Absolute Being
  • Ruler of Storms

The Monarchs gained their incredible magic powers from the Absolute Being and act as godly figures over the dimensions they each rule over. They are immortal and possess abilities far exceeding even the strongest hunters.

Sung Il-Hwan Wiki, Appearance, Age, Abilities, and More

Sung Il-Hwan is the devoted father of Jinwoo, the protagonist of Solo Leveling. Despite suffering from a debilitating disease, Il-Hwan cares deeply for his son and does everything he can to support Jinwoo on his quest to become a Hunter.

  • Appearance: Middle-aged Korean man in a wheelchair due to illness
  • Age: Early 50s
  • Abilities: No special powers, but provides moral support
  • Occupation: Unemployed due to health issues
  • Role: Jinwoo’s caring father

Il-Hwan serves as Jinwoo’s emotional anchor, encouraging him even as his own health falters. He is proud of his son’s growth into the world’s strongest Hunter and human warriors who possess strength.

Who Is Sung Jin Woo?

Sung Jinwoo is the main protagonist of Solo Leveling. He starts out as the weakest E-rank Hunter, but gains the power to level up infinitely, allowing him to ascend to becoming the most powerful S-rank Hunter in existence.

  • Age: Late teens
  • Bloodtype: AB
  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 134 lbs
  • Birthday: April 9
  • Occupation: Hunter
  • Abilities: Shadow powers, super-strength, speed, agility, instant regeneration

Jinwoo’s journey from underdog to the ultimate Hunter forms the core narrative of Solo Leveling as he battles ever-stronger enemies in the dungeon that nearly wipes out.

Sung Jin-Woo System

After surviving the Jeju Island S-rank dungeon, Jinwoo is granted a special power from the System which allows him to gain experience and level up his abilities like in a video game is like race of monsters who seek revenge.

The System gives Sung Jin woo’s access to:

  • Stats like Strength, Agility, Vitality that increase through leveling
  • Skills he unlocks each level
  • Quests and missions to complete
  • An inventory and shop
  • The ability to summon Shadow soldiers

The System transforms Jinwoo from one of the weakest Hunters into the undisputed strongest through exponential growth and level up in strength.

What is a Hunter in Solo Leveling?

In the world of Solo Leveling, Hunters are a special group of humans who have awakened supernatural abilities like rare ability that allow them to battle deadly monsters of ancient race.

  • Gain special powers through awakening
  • Categorized into rankings from E to S
  • Explore dangerous dungeons and battle monsters
  • Earn income by raiding gates and completing quests
  • Use skills and magical abilities in combat

Hunters serve as the frontline defense protecting humanity against the magical threats that emerge from dungeon gates. Not everyone has potential to awaken as a Hunter.


The Hunters that appear in Solo Leveling include:

  • E-Rank – The weakest hunters with limited combat abilities
  • D-Rank – Novices who can battle minor monsters
  • C-Rank – Average hunters who take on most gates
  • B-Rank – Skilled veterans capable of handling dangerous gates
  • A-Rank – Elite hunters with exceptional abilities
  • S-Rank – The top echelon of hunters wielding demigod-like powers

Jinwoo progresses through each rank as he gains strength.

Magic Beasts

Solo Leveling features menacing magic creatures that emerge from dungeon gates, including:

  • Huge ice bears with freezing breath
  • Acid-spitting snakes
  • Armored rhino-like beasts
  • Invisible clay monsters
  • Enormous fire-breathing ants
  • Undead skeletal horrors
  • Giant centipedes
  • Gigantic demonic hellhounds

As Jinwoo levels up, he battles increasingly terrifying beasts and monsters on his quest to become the world’s greatest hunter.

Will Solo Leveling Get an Anime Adaptation?

While not yet officially confirmed, there are promising signs that Solo Leveling may finally get an anime adaptation for fan feed on kakaopage.

  • Solo Leveling is one of the most popular Korean webtoons with a huge fanbase globally
  • In 2022 production company A-1 Pictures announced plans to adapt a Korean webtoon
  • An “accidental leak” of a Solo Leveling anime trailer hints at adaptation

Although not yet greenlit, the immense popularity of Solo Leveling puts it among the top contenders for adaptation into an anime series that fans have long been waiting for.

When does Solo Leveling anime release?

Fans can rejoice as Crunchyroll has officially confirmed that the first episode of Solo Leveling, featuring Jin-woo/Shun Mizushino’s epic journey, is set to premiere in January 2024. This release serves as a delightful late Christmas gift from A-1 Pictures to the eager fanbase.

Source: Crunchyroll official YT channel

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date, Trailer, and Adaptation Confirmed?

Solo Leveling has become one of the most popular Korean web novels in recent years, amassing millions of fans across the world. As a result, many are eagerly anticipating an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling.

Huge Popularity Worldwide

First released as a web novel in 2016, Solo Leveling rapidly gained popularity in South Korea before also capturing the attention of international audiences. It has since been adapted into a successful webtoon as well.

With over 1 billion views worldwide, Solo Leveling fans has developed a massive global fanbase. This huge popularity makes it a prime candidate for adaptation into an anime series.

Korean Webtoon Adaptation Plans

In July 2022, the prominent anime production company A-1 Pictures announced plans to adapt an unspecified popular Korean webtoon into an anime series.

Solo Leveling immediately stood out as a perfect fit for this criteria as one of the most popular Korean webtoons in years with a ginormous built-in audience.

Telltale Signs of Anime Adaptation

More evidence pointing towards a Solo Leveling anime came during Anime Expo 2022 when an “accidental leak” occurred of a Solo Leveling anime promotional trailer.

While quickly pulled down, this leak strongly hints that an anime adaptation is already in production or at least in advanced planning stages.

What Fans Can Expect

If greenlit as anticipated, a Solo Leveling anime would likely be a seasonal series with cours of around 12 episodes each spanning 3+ seasons.

Season 1 would cover Jinwoo’s initial story arc and early adventures while later seasons would portray his rise to Shadow Monarch and conflicts with the Monarchs.

Visually stunning combat sequences will be highly anticipated along with seeing fan favorite characters like Jinwoo, Cha Hae-In, and Beru brought to life.

Eagerly Awaiting Confirmation

While fans continue to wait for official confirmation, the pieces seem to be in place for everything about Solo Leveling to receive the anime adaptation that so many around the world wish to see. With bated breath, the Solo Leveling faithful will keep watching for the announcement they have long been hoping for.

solo leveling how many episodes 

The highly anticipated anime adaptation of Solo Leveling premiered in January 2024. As of today, March 11, 2024, the first season consists of 12 confirmed episodes and were to Watch Solo leveling all Episodes.

There’s currently no official word on a second season. However, considering the immense popularity of the source material (manhwa) and the anime’s success so far, a continuation seems likely. Fans are eagerly waiting for any announcements regarding a potential season 2.

This paragraph clarifies the current number of episodes, hints at the possibility of a second season based on popularity, and acknowledges the fans’ anticipation for more. 

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel, not a Korean webtoon. It was written by Chugong (not Goto Ryuji) and serialized on KakaoPage, a digital comic and fiction platform, starting July 25, 2016. Later, it was published in print by D&C Media under their Papyrus label.

The webtoon adaptation, illustrated by Jang Sung-rak (Dubu), began serialization on KakaoPage on March 4, 2018.

The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, not Goto Ryuji, a weak hunter who gains extraordinary powers and becomes one of the strongest. There’s no mention of “national level hunters” or “Goto” being a ruler or monarch in the official synopsis. The world is not explicitly called “Ragnarok” either.

While there’s no anime adaptation yet (as of March 11, 2024), an anime television series based on Solo Leveling is planned. The Korean title is ๋‚˜ ํ˜ผ์ž๋งŒ ๋ ˆ๋ฒจ์—… (Na Honjaman Level Up), which translates to “Only I Level Up.”


With its gripping story, visually stunning action scenes, immensely likeable protagonist, and emotionally charged plot, it’s easy to see why Solo Leveling has developed such a passionate worldwide following. An anime adaptation would be hugely popular and introduce the story to a wider mainstream audience. For now, fans continue to eagerly await updates on whether their wishes for a Solo Leveling anime will finally become a reality soon.

Solo Leveling is a popular South Korean webnovel series that follows the journey of Jinwoo, a weak E-rank hunter who becomes one of the strongest hunters in the world. Written by Chu-Gong, the series has garnered a massive following on the digital comic and fiction platform Kakaopage. The story revolves around Jinwoo’s unique ability to level up in strength without limits, as he faces all kinds of enemies in a world where hunters are rulers and monarchs. The series has been later published in 14 volumes and 270 chapters, with an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures set to be released in December 29. Jinwoo’s thrilling adventures as an S-rank hunter in the dangerous Jeju Island S-rank gate have captivated fans worldwide, making him infamous as the strongest hunter.

Solo Leveling introduces readers to a world where hunters have the ability to grow in strength and face all kinds of enemies, including the menacing dungeon that nearly wiped out Jinwoo’s entire party. Narrowly surviving the ordeal, Jinwoo’s journey as the main protagonist is filled with action-packed battles and intense training with the system that chose him as the player. His sharp facial features and unwavering determination to become the strongest hunter set him apart from the rest, showcasing his full strength even after suffering severe challenges. With a spin-off webtoon by Jang Sung-Rak, fans can explore more of Jinwoo’s adventures in a world where his magical program grants him the power to keep growing and using his abilities to protect those he cares about.

FAQ About Solo Leveling

What is the leveling system in Solo Leveling?

Jinwoo gains an ability called the System that allows him to get stronger through leveling up like in a video game. It gives him access to skills, stats, quests, and more.

How strong does Sung Jinwoo become?

Jinwoo ultimately becomes the Shadow Monarch, possessing power exceeding the deities and making him the undisputed strongest hunter in existence.

How many seasons would a Solo Leveling anime have?

Given the web novel’s length, a Solo Leveling anime adaptation would likely require 3+ seasons of ~12 episodes each to properly cover the story.

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