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HomE, Read Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Author(s)    : GEE So-Lyung, JANG Sung-Lak
Released       : 2018
Genre(s)         : Action, Adventure
Status            : Ongoing

Synopsis: 10 years ago, after”the Gate” that joined to the real world with the creature universe started, several of those ordinary, everyday people got the power to search monsters over the Gate. They are referred to as”Hunters”. But, perhaps not all Hunters are powerful. I am someone that has to hazard his entire life from the lowliest of all dungeons, the”World’s Weakest”. Having no skills whatsoever to display, I barely earned the essential money by fighting at low-leveled dungeons… at least before I discovered a hidden dungeon with the hardest issue over the D-rank dungeons! In the long run, as I was accepting death, I unexpectedly got a strange power, a pursuit log that just I could view, a trick to leveling-up that I understand about! When I trained in accordance with all my quests and hunted critters, my degree will climb. Changing from your weakest Hunter into the most powerful S-rank Hunter!