Top 15 Manhwa\Manga Like Solo Leveling in 2022

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Today we’ll present you with the Manhwa/Manhua and Manga that are very similar to the Korean Webtoon/Manhwa Solo Leveling. Prior to that, read the Solo Leveling review. Manhwa solo leveling is the most well-known webtoon available on the internet and is now getting live-action drama and games.

Solo Leveling Brief Intro

Solo Leveling (Korean: na honjaman rebel eob; RR: Na Honjaman Rebereop; lit. “I Alone Level Up”) is an South Korean web novel written by Chugong. The novel was published on Kakao’s online comic as well as fiction site, KakaoPage on July 25, 2016 and it was released in the form of D&C Media under its Papyrus label from November 4 2016. The novel was published for publication in English through Webnovel under the name Only I Level Up.

1. Second Life Ranker

Synopsis: There was a brother and sister who went missing 5 years back. A few days later, the watch that was left by her brother was returned to her. Inside, he discovered the diary that was hidden where he wrote “By the time you’ve read this, I’ll be dead.” …”.

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • The same style of art and story.
  • A great action-packed tale with a strong male protagonist with a phenomenal growth rate in the course of the course of.
  • Both of them use dagger-like weapons.

2. I am the Sorcerer King

Synopsis: 10 years ago the rift monster horde that sprung up from time and space began to attack humans. In the meantime the population has begun to awaken their power and have begun seeking out monsters to earn fame and cash. Lee SungHoon, who needs money because of his mother’s illness, accepts the risk of helping to hunt down monsters on a regular basis in the form of a bait for hunter.

One day, he’s wounded by a monster and recalls his previous life. as a sorcerer king “Huh? I just died? “Wait, was I a Kratraus Sorcerer King in my previous life?” With his old memories SungHoon’s incredible magical show starts …

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Both have portals leading to a world of its own where monsters are released.
  • The existence of hunter-gatherers and awakened creatures that combat these beasts.
  • Main character overpowered as well.

3. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Synopsis:This is story of the world of labyrinths, and a world that is a shadow Shadow World. It is the story of our Protagonist Desir Arman returns from an apocalyptic past to the past. Desir Arman is one of the six humans who survived the future, and have all failed to clear up the Shadow Labyrinth and the world ends. He is a ghost from the past after dying or a near-death experience.

He was born 13 years ago in the his past . He was enrolled in the best magic school in the country – Havrion. He’s back with his beloved classmates, and is ready to alter the past in order to bring peace to the world and to the ones he loves. …! With the understanding he has about what he went through over during the last 13 years, Desir prepares to take back his time at Havrion Academy again. The opportunity to restart also provides Desir with an opportunity to help train his classmates to ensure that they do not die to Shadow World. Shadow World this time around.

Three years remain prior to the rise in The Shadow World! Now, he must change the past and unite powerful allies to save humanity!

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • The Protagonist is Overpowered in various ways.
  • Know something that no one else has.
  • Do you have any similar artwork.

4. The Gamer

Synopsis: Jee-Han loves games more than anything, however, she’s still amazed when she one day acquires a strange power which superimposes the traits of role-playing games onto reality. Things like shopping at the supermarket for her mother begin missions to earn experience, and every person around him displays numbers and levels over their heads. However, what begins as an innocent curiosity soon turns much more real when Jee-Han realizes that there are monsters to be killed as well as special abilities that can be gained and other people with similar talents.

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • It focuses on gamification according to their own style.
  • Ambition to get better but with different motives.
  • Enhancing capabilities and becoming stronger with each game.

5. Versatile Mage

Description: Our hero, Mo Fan, inherits a magical necklace. The following day, she awakes to discover that her world is different. His high school is now teaching magic, and students are encouraged to strive to become wizards. The world that once depend on science now relies by magic. Yet, certain things are the same. Her teacher who regards her as a hopeless child as well as classmates who are like her, a father who is struggling to get by and a younger sister who isn’t by blood, and cannot go by herself. But, Mo Fan discovers that most magicians have only one aspect of magic. It is fortunate that Mo Fan is a standout: an incredibly multi-faceted magician!

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Both Protagonist was mocked because they were useless.
  • They display their power while people around them are stunned.
  • Both have an ability that is unique to each other.

6. Tomb Raider King

Synopsis: The Tombs of God began appearing everywhere in the world. Thanks to the relics found in these tombs, some were able to use this power legendarily on their own, whereas others were made slaves of these people. But there is a Tomb Raider appears with the intention of stealing the Relics. The Tomb Raider is the king is Tomb Raider. Dammit! This scumbag has already ransacked the area too! “What you own belongs to me. Everything I have belongs to me. The story is about a newly revived Tomb Raider who will do whatever he can to take all tombs and relics of the Tomb Raider for himself!

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • An OP Protagonist getting stronger by completing dungeons.
  • Both have an exclusive game system that no one else has.
  • The Protagonists also share the same level of arrogance

7. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Synopsis: Back then, Dokja did not know what HTML0 was all about. He was unaware that his web-based novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse” was about to be made into a reality, and that he would end up being the only one to be able to predict how the world would end. He was also unaware that the book would make him the main character in this novel to be a real-life. Dokja is now Dokja is set to embark on an adventure that will alter the course of the world and bring humanity back to life once and for all.

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Also, it has it’s “player” style in the manhwa.
  • An environment that’s evolved throughout the years.
  • Have some similar artwork.

8. The Beginning After the End

Description: King Gray has unparalleled strength, wealth, and a reputation in a world that is ruled by military skill. However, loneliness lurks behind the powerful. Under the glam appearance of a powerful King lies the skeleton of a person, without motivation and determination. Reborn into a world filled with monsters and magic The king gets an opportunity to live his past. However, repairing the errors of your past won’t be the only thing you must do. Under the prosperity and peace in the modern world lies an undercurrent that could ruin everything you’ve worked for, and make you question your place in the world and the motivation behind being birthed again.

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Protagonist learns and grows, and gets stronger.
  • In addition, it provides an exciting fantasiac element.
  • The two have magical creatures in the the story.

9. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Synopsis: Hyun Lee lives with his grandmother who is in need, working part-time and is trying to make a decent living. A few days later, Hyun Lee plays the virtual reality game Royal Road. Why? to earn money. While he’s keen to earn money by gambling, he’s actually an artist who earns little. From free lunches through engaging with NPCs to working all hours to enhance his capabilities, he’s determined create an avatar that will protect his family from financial burden.

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • The protagonist continues to get stronger until he is being overwhelmed.
  • The protagonists should avoid the any spotlight.
  • Story has Solo leveling.

10. The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon

A SYNOPSIS Man awakened healing power, however the ability isn’t worth it. In the course of a quest in an underground dungeon along with his group, all his teammates, excluding his were shot dead. This was because of the anger of the “last priest” who was freed due to them. In the dungeon, He was able to obtain a sword, and boosted his power with the sword. …. What could this man be able to do if he were alone?

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • The weakest and their entire team was killed by an unknown monster.
  • Both can survive by activating a system that helps in gaining strength without limitations.
  • The story continues in the this direction too.

11. Kill the Hero

Synopsis: After being killed by a righteous leader from the guild he belongs to, Woojin has to start again with a new start. But this time, he’s not concerned with saving the world from evil He has his sights for revenge! The high-level assassinations he has carried out quickly make him famous among the in-game mob while boosting his stats when he climbs towards the highest levels. But there’s a thing is not known by anyone the side he’s playing on. Since he is aware of how to to be successful, Woojin will stop at anything to take out the heroes!

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Both stories are set in the dark dungeon.
  • Both games have gates and levels-up, as well as an incredible protagonist
  • The concept is very like solo leveling particularly the combat scenes.

12. Solo Bug Player

Description: For an entire decade Shin-Tae-Pong held the title of the most popular player in the game known as Paradiso. But, one day, the Shin-Tae-Pong player died abruptly while playing his favourite game. In the wake of his death, he suddenly woken up as a new person, Jared Eucalates, a fat and unnamed corrupt nobleman of The Paradiso game. Being aware that the world which he is living in is based on the game that he enjoys to death, he makes use of his understanding of the game to protect his self from war for five years into the future.

The tragedy is called”the “Great Nasu War” where numerous lives were lost. Conscient of that, Jared embarks on a quest to avoid his fate destiny by using his understanding about the sport to help save his family and those that he loves by using every skill, trick and mistakes that he has learned before any other person.

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Both stories are rising level with a similar game-like.
  • Both feature a protagonist who is doing through everything on his own.
  • The technique is like the solo method of leveling.

13. The Live

Live Manhwa also known as deo raibeu and will be will be released in 2020. Live Manhwa, also known as deo raibeu and released in 2020 Live webtoon is a story of action, drama, horror and psychological history.

Synopsis: Half a year ago Yun-jae Kim was devastated when he lost his daughter and wife in a car crash and is in a state of despair every day. In the night, his diary has been erased completely, leaving an unsettling message: “You can see them again.” The ‘The’ Holy Grail ‘is given to those who can beat the game of The world from the back and is said that if take advantage of it, you’ll be able reconnect with your family that you lost … in the harsh world that only the The stronger survive Yun-jae Kim is the sole person who can predict the future. Are he able to achieve his goals?

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Both stories feature rising level with a similar game-like.
  • Both have a main character who does through everything on his own.
  • Both have dungeons, gates and leveling with an incredible protagonist.

14. Dungeon Reset

Synopsis: Dawoon’s ordinary life is turned upside-down when he’s summoned to the Dungeon and must engage in a dangerous game, while battling dangerous creatures and dangerous traps. And to make matters more difficult the fact that he’s the average craftsman with no combat capabilities. After Dawoon gets caught in an entrapment and is rescued after failing to reboot, he gains oddly beneficial capabilities.

The player will need to get imaginative to finish the game and get to home, complete with a bloodthirsty wizard and a cute ground squirrel on the way. The rules are don’t apply anymore for him, what options will he find in the underground tunnels below?

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Both have a main character who has knowledge that no one has.
  • Both stories are rising level with a similar game-like.
  • Both have dungeons and gates and levels with an incredible protagonist.

15. The Legend of Northern Blade

Solo Leveling

Synopsis: When the world was plunged into darkness due to”the “Silent Night”, martial artists from all over formed”the “Northern Heavenly Sect”. With the power of members of the Northern Heavenly Sect it was clear that the Silent Night has drifted away and people started to feel peace again. But, as time went by the martial artists from Europe began to join forces with members of the “Northern Heavenly Sect” and ultimately led to the death of the Fourth Generation Leader Jin Kwan-Ho which destroyed the sect. Along with her.

When the sect was disbanded Jin Kwan-Ho’s sole son, Jin Mu-Won , was left to fend for himself. Mu-Won is not a scholar about martial arts, however, he finally discovers his way to the Martial Techniques that his father hidden away and begins studying the martial techniques from the Northern Heavenly Sect. One day the mysterious girl is seen in front of Mu-Won… ! !

Similarities To Solo Leveling

  • Both have a main character who is incredibly powerful.
  • Both stories offer excellent character development for the protagonist.
  • Both the structure and flow of story is similar to the solo process of leveling.
Top 15 Manga like Solo Leveling in 2022
  1. Second Life Ranker
  2. I am the Sorcerer King
  3. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
  4. The Gamer*
  5. Versatile Mage*
  6. Tomb Raider King*
  7. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint*
  8. The Beginning After the End*
  9. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor*
  10. The Blade of Evolution: Walking Alone in the Dungeon
  11. Kill the Hero
  12. Solo Bug Player
  13. The Live
  14. Dungeon Reset
  15. The Legend of Northern Blade

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