Solo Leveling Will Be Back With Special Chapters Soon! [ Updated News ] 2022

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Solo Leveling Will Be Back With Special Chapters Soon! South Korea’s web novel, Solo Leveling concluded with its final chapter on manhwa practice from January, 2022. The webtoon ended after a long game that lasted nearly four years and more than 170 chapters. However, recently received news suggests that it is not the final chapter of the series as Solo Leveling returns.

In a statement posted on the Tapas website it appears that Solo Leveling Webtoon is scheduled to return with new chapters soon. There is no official date for its return, however details suggest it is coming soon as at the moment, Solo Leveling is not available for a few days.

Solo Leveling Will Be Back With Special Chapters Soon

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To be clear, Tapas is the official web site for publishing this Solo Leveling article in English. It is a subsidiary business that is part of the Kakao Page and operates a freemium business model; most series have the first few episodes for free, but some episodes have to be purchased.

If not, Solo Leveling manhwa is based on a web-based novel created by Chugong. There is a separate section of the novel that explores the lives of Sung Jin Woo and Cha Hae In after the end of the story. There are also additional events that are very exciting to read.

Solo Leveling Team To Fans:

solo leveling team replay to fans

Fans hope this unique story will provide a better ending to the Solo Leveling story and will increase the number of 20-25 chapters on the web. The novelists know the story, and have been waiting a long time to hear the familiarity of the manhwa.

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