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Sung Il Hwan: The Mysterious S-Rank Hunter

Sung Il Hwan is an S-Rank Hunter and an integral character in the Korean Manhwa ‘Solo Leveling’. Despite his brief appearances in the series, his unique persona and distinct character design have left a lasting impression on readers. In this article, we’ll cover everything about Sung Il Hwan: from his appearance to his abilities and strengths.

Sung Il Hwan is a character from the popular Korean manga “Solo Leveling“. Although he only appears in a few chapters, his unique persona and intimidating design have left an impact on readers. In this article, we’ll investigate Sung Il Hwan’s character design, personality traits, strengths, past appearances in Demon Castle Arc as well as how important a role he has played throughout the story arc. If you’re an fan of “Solo Leveling”, or just interested in the manga world in general – keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Sung Il Hwan!

Sung Il Hwan: The Mysterious S-Rank Hunter

Sung Il Hwan’s Background:

Sung Il Hwan is a hunter known as “Iron.” A member of South Korea’s White Tiger Guild, he is considered one of the top hunters. Standing tall and muscular with short black hair and an impressive beard, Sung Il Hwan embodies strength and durability – earning him the nickname “Iron.” Additionally, he possesses an unwavering sense of justice which has earned him this moniker; often putting himself in danger to protect others.

Character Design and Appearance

Character design is essential in manga, and Sung Il Hwan’s design perfectly captures his persona. He stands middle-aged with curly dark hair, some facial hair, and black-colored eyes; when he went missing he was seen wearing a brown jacket and dark shirt; upon his reappearance he wears an old brown jacket over a white shirt as well as dark pants. Sung’s overall presence could easily intimidate even S-Rank characters due to his intimidating demeanor.

Character Information and Personality

Sung Il Hwan is a human and former S-Rank Hunter affiliated with the Rulers. He prefers daggers as his primary weapon. Though he may appear intimidating at first glance, Sung Il Hwan has an innate soft heart and deeply cares about his family; thus he takes no pleasure in anyone who gets in his way or tries to hurt them. Despite this, Sung Il Hwan is quite formidable when it comes to fighting and will go head-to-head against anyone attempting to disrupt his work.

Strengths and Skills

Sung Il Hwan is one of the most powerful characters in the series. He wield the powers of a ruler with ease, using them to their full extent. Sung could manipulate things from a distance and had keen senses that enabled him to detect murderous intent even from a distance. Sung also had excellent stealth skills which enabled him to hide from people nearby. Unfortunately, Sung’s body couldn’t withstand such power and ultimately succumbed to it, ultimately leading him to die tragically.

Past and History

Ten years ago, Sung Il Hwan, a skilled hunter, disappeared in an unknown dungeon, leaving behind his wife Park Kyung-Hae and children Jin Woo and Jin-ah. Though they grieved his loss and tried to move on with life, fate had other plans for them: six years later Kyung Hae was diagnosed with Eternal Slumber – an incurable illness which would take care of all four family members until Jin Woo took on this responsibility of taking care of his mother; following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a hunter to earn money for medical expenses – an exemplary son who exceeded even his dad! He showed incredible compassion towards those closest to him while providing for everyone around him.

Sung Il Hwan’s Role in the Series

Sung Il Hwan plays an integral role in the Solo Leveling series. He often assists Sung Jin-Woo, the main character, during his battles against powerful monsters that threaten humanity. Sung Il Hwan is a loyal friend to Sung Jin-Woo and always willing to put himself at risk to protect him. Furthermore, he serves as mentor to younger hunters and is highly regarded by all who know him.

  • Sung Il Hwan is a hunter who is also known as the “Iron” hunter.
  • He possesses incredible strength and is highly durable.
  • He is a master of the Korean martial art, Taekwondo.
  • He is Father to Sung Jin-Woo and is respected by all who know him.

Demon Castle Arc

Sung Il Hwan made a dramatic return to America, almost ten years after his disappearance. Unfortunately, a team of A-Rank hunters mistakenly believed him to be some kind of monster and attacked him; however, Sung Il Hwan quickly dodged their attempts at combat and rendered them powerless against him. Subsequently, the US government arrested him and detained him as an enemy of the state.

Sung Il hwan’s family and relationships

Sung Il Hwan was a family man who loved his wife, Park Kyung-Hae, and their two children, Jin Woo and Jin-ah. However, a decade ago he mysteriously vanished inside a dungeon, leaving his family to speculate as to his whereabouts.

Unfortunately, the tragedy didn’t end there. Six years after Sung Il Hwan’s disappearance, Jin Woo was diagnosed with Eternal Slumber – leaving him as sole provider for his family. Driven by love and devotion, Jin Woo followed in his father’s footsteps to become a hunter, surpassing even him in providing for them.

Sung Il Hwan’s love for his family never wavered despite distance and years apart. His memory serves as a powerful motivator to his son to keep fighting for their wellbeing.


Who is Sung Il Hwan in Solo Leveling?

Sung Il Hwan was an S-Rank hunter and father figure to Jin Woo who mysteriously vanished inside a dungeon a decade ago and was presumed dead until he reappeared in another dungeon in America ten years later.

What Characteristics Characterize Sung Il Hwan in Solo Leveling?

Sung Il Hwan has an intimidating design, sporting curling dark hair and facial hair. He is a formidable fighter and vessel for rulership with the capacity to manipulate things from afar as well as keen senses for detecting murderous intent. Most importantly, however, Sung Il Hwan deeply cares about his family members and does not tolerate those who threaten them.

What is Sung Il Hwan’s role in Solo Leveling?

Sung Il Hwan plays a significant role in the story of Solo Leveling, even though he only appears in a few chapters. He’s an unstoppable fighter who goes up against formidable enemies and gains access to powerful skills which ultimately lead to his downfall at the hands of the Ruler.

What is the past/history of Sung Il Hwan in Solo Leveling?

A decade ago, Sung Il Hwan vanished into a dungeon and was presumed dead, leaving behind his wife and two children behind. Jin Woo’s mother was diagnosed with Eternal Slumber; following in his father’s footsteps to become a hunter to earn money for their treatment.

How does Sung Il Hwan add to the uniqueness of Solo Leveling?

Sung Il Hwan is one of the characters that make Solo Leveling special and captivating. His intimidating design, extraordinary abilities, and strong personality have quickly captured readers’ attention; his involvement in the story adds depth and intrigue as readers try to figure out his connection to it.

Who is Sung Il Hwan’s Family?

Sung Il Hwan is the father of Jin Woo and Jin-ah. His wife Park Kyung-Hae raised their children alone after Sung Il Hwan disappeared in a dungeon a decade ago, though she later fell ill with Eternal Slumber, an unknown disease; thus Jin Woo became a hunter to support his family while paying for her treatment.

What weapons does Sung Il Hwan use?

Sung Il Hwan typically wields two daggers as his weapons of choice, wielding them with great skill and agility to take down opponents much larger than himself.

What is Sung Il Hwan’s role in the story?

Sung Il Hwan plays an integral role in Solo Leveling. As Jin Woo’s father and a former S-Rank hunter, he has tremendous impact on Jin Woo’s journey to become an even stronger hunter. Additionally, his reappearance after being absent for ten years adds another layer to the tale, raising questions about his past and connection to Rulers.

What is Sung Il Hwan’s relationship with Hwang Dong-Su?

Sung Il Hwan and Hwang Dong-Su have a complicated one. Hwang was an acquaintance of Sung’s who worked on some missions together, but their personalities clashed and they didn’t get along.

Hwang later became jealous of Jin Woo and attempted to kill him, leading to an altercation with Sung that left Hwang hospitalized for several months. This incident proves how protective Sung is for his family members; using all his might to defend them.

What is Sung Il Hwan’s true power as a Ruler vessel?

Sung Il Hwan’s true power as a Ruler vessel is not fully explored in the story, but it is hinted at during his battle with The Frost and Beast Monarch. He used a skill which enhanced his abilities but cost him his life – suggesting that while his potential was immense, its control may have been beyond him. This suggests he may have had even greater potential but never fully tapped into.


Sung Il Hwan is an intriguing character in ‘Solo Leveling’ with unique traits and skills. Although his appearances in the series are few, his impact on readers is enormous. With his captivating persona and formidable abilities, Sung Il Hwan stands as one of ‘Solo Leveling’s most formidable S-Rank Hunters.

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