Top 7+ art style of Manhwa is similar to solo leveling Manga.

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Our worst nightmare was made a reality. Solo Leveling has released its last Chapter. I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been since I am the same.

It’s time for you to start looking for a replacement. But it’s not just the plot that will satisfy the nostalgia, but the artwork

Here, the task is to find another Sung JinWoo with a story that’s still relevant.

Here’s a list of Manhwas with the same aesthetic, art style, and quality as SoloLeveling.

Korean Webtoons with Art, Like Solo Leveling

A Returner’s Magic Must Be Unique

The Shadow World is taking over our own, and only a mage can stop its spread.

They fought for years until the last challenge was presented to them. The threat was faced by more than a million. After ten years of intense battle, six of them survived.

They beat the last boss at the cost of their lives. A miracle occurred. Desire Arman was not killed. Instead, he was brought back to the present

This time, he will ensure that all his loved ones emerge unscathed from the disaster.

Focus here on the Manhwa Art Style, which is very close to Solo Leveling.

  • Genres: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance / School Life / Slice Of Life / Supernatural / Webtoons

Terror Man

Min Jung Woo can predict calamities. To spot them, he uses this gift.

He is now a Hero, but he needs to be arrested as a dangerous terrorist.

  • Genres: Action / Psychological


Terror Man is still one of the most beautiful stories. It’s more focused on black and white. The characters are drawn similarly to Sung JinWoo, except for the colors.

SSS Class Hunter

I was offered the opportunity to become an SRank hunter. But my life is up for grabs! What is the best way to experience my vast power when I’m not in this world?

  • Genres: Animations / Comedy / Adventure / Comedy Drama Fantasy / Psychological

This Korean Manhwa’s MC is a low-quality Sung Jin Woo.

White Blood

Vampires have been described as cruel and bloodthirsty monsters dependent on human blood. 

After their existence was revealed, vampire Hunters seized the opportunity to take over the entire world.

Hayan is part of the Police force. She is hiding a horrible secret. If she finds out, it will ruin her life.

She is still willing to risk her peaceful life for the greater good of humanity by trying to dethrone the tyrant hunter from their pedestal.

  • Genres: Action / Fantasy / Romance

While the design itself isn’t as close to Solo Leveling, it has the same vibes and combination of colors that the Manhwa uses.

The art style of Manhwa is similar to solo leveling Manga.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

After being a renowned player, the man decided to get settled. He sold his avatar at a high price and lost all of it to loan lenders.

  • Genres: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Martial Arts / Romance / Sci-fi / Seinen / Slice Of Life / Webtoons

He’s so disappointed by his situation that he decides to change it by going back to gaming and making a living.

It comes in smooth colors and has a transition that changes from dark to bright, much like Solo Leveling.

Tower Of God

After his light, Rachel entered the Tower of God. Even though he was not invited, Bam made it to the entrance.

  • Genres Action/Adventure/Drama / Fantasy/Mystery / Shounen/Supernatural / Webtoons

Every desire will be granted once you reach the summit. This includes the destruction or creation of our planet if necessary. Bam wants one thing: to love again.

This Manhwa has the same art quality as Solo Leveling, but everything is aesthetic. It’s also pleasing to the eyes.

Ranker who Lives a Second Time

Similar to Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, Ranker Who Lives a Second life tells the story of a man named Ranker, who lost his twin brother in the Tower of the Sun God.

The pocket watch of his beloved brother is found by him later. Inside, he discovers his diary

The diary revealed that his brother was a traitor and was killed in the Tower.

  • Genres: Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Boiling in the desire for revenge, MC gives up his identity to take on his brother’s role to find the guilty. He uses the book containing All of The Tower’s secrets as his ultimate weapon.

Solo Leveling was evoked by the design of the monsterswritings, and even the overall style of the MC.

Solo Max-Level Newbie

The Tower of Trials game Tower of Trials used to be extremely popular. Jinhyuk is the one who saw the end of this game.

It retaliated when the game was made obsolete, and the world became the Tower of Trials.

  • Genres: Action / Fantasy / Webtoons

When everyone was panicking, one person was delighted. He took a massive head-start to level up like an abomination.

They all agree that Solo Leveling’s substitute Manhwa. It is not only the plot but also the art which is often the same.

The viewpoint of the Omniscient Reader

It transformed the world into an unpopular novel that only one reader ever read. He now controls our destiny.

He fights to defy the Gods and becomes the Hero in the story instead of the main protagonist. His goal? To change the world.

  • Genres: Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Webtoons

The end of. He also learned the story of.

Kim Dokja is a bit like Sung Jin Woo, but not as much as Kakkoii.

This will make us feel less sad that our favorite Websitetoon is finished. I also hope that you find more to get hooked on.

As we love it, all Korean Comics are rich in art, fantastic plot, and superpowered characters!

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