The Top 10 Darkest Animes Like Attack On Titan

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The Top 10 Darkest Animes Like Attack On Titan. When Attack On Titan started broadcasting in 2013, no one believed it was going to be an anime hit. Eight years later, it is in the middle of a popular anime series. The program started with a good start and presented all the details in a very efficient way that attracted viewers.

Top 10 Darkest Animes Like Attack On Titan

However, as the show became more intense, it got very dark due to the addition of young people and mysteries day by day. Viewers love shows like this one going on with each new episode.

In this article, we created an anime list similar to Attack On Titan that has darkened as the story line continues.

Having said that, let’s get started.

Top 10 Darkest Animes Like Attack On Titan Check the list Below

  1. Parasyte: The Maxim : Hitoshi Iwaaki wrote and illustrated the manga series Parasyte (Parasyte in Japanese).
  2. Future Diary: Sakae Esuno is the author and illustrator of the manga series Future Diary.
  3. Akame ga Kill!: There is absolutely nothing to dislike about Akame ga Kill, especially the characters. A very realistic depiction of their war is provided in this anime.
  4. Death Note: One high-school student discovers a notebook possessed by a supernatural power that allows its owner to kill.
  5. Tokyo Ghoul: Sui Ishida is the author and illustrator of Tokyo Ghoul, a Japanese dark fantasy manga series.
  6. B: The Beginning: It was produced by Production I.G and Kazuto Nakazawa, under the name Za Beginingu (B: ザ・ビギニング, Bī: Za Beginingu).
  7. Code Geass: The anime television series Code Geass, also known as Lelouch of the Rebellion, is produced by Sunrise.
  8. PSYCHO-PASS: The Japanese anime television series PSYCHO-PASS is a cyberpunk psychological thriller produced by Production I.G.
  9. High-Rise Invasion: Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba are the authors and illustrators of the manga series ‘High-Rise Invasion’
  10. Another : Kauaichi Sakakibara and Mei Misaki investigate the strange and gruesome deaths at their school

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With this, our list of some of the ‘leading anime like Attack On Titan that has darkened’ comes to an end. We hope you liked it. Let us know in the comments section, what is your favorite anime on this list?

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